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General Questions

What is KOO all about?

#KOO is BitCoin in mobile social providing decentralized social communication with total privacy & autonomy!

KOO aims to revolutionize how people encounter others with ABSOLUTE PRIVACY!

Yes, we all know there are several super huge social networks whose user bases are mind-boggling. But do you really have the interest or necessity to know all its memberships? If the answer is no and at the same time, whatever info, update, pictures you put on those platforms may easily reveal who, what and where you are and have been, then the answer may be an absolute NO!

Yes, we all know there are some popular free apps that claim to help you find who you really want to meet. But, in order to do that, you have to sign in using your above social network accounts, then they get the access to and "smartly" analyze all of your personal and communication data. Actually, the more useful you feel towards such apps, the more data they have about you. Think twice! At the end of the day, is this what you really want?? The answer may very well be this is actually what you really hate!

In response to this tremendous privacy issue brought by the latest technologies, we here at KOO believe, the best solution is letting the privacy concern "have a taste of its own medicine". We use the latest bluetooth-enabled multipeer technologies to help you encounter and socialize but we don't use any server or even database whatsoever! You don't have to register with us or sign in using any social network account whatsoever! NOBODY knows who you have encountered or will encounter using KOO as nothing is left anywhere on any server or database in the world. AND we believe THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE CASE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

As long as fate ever puts you physically near to the person you are seeking, KOO uses melodies to alert you and then connects you automatically, ready to chat! The magic range of KOO is within a radius of 100-200 meters! Just turn on Bluetooth and set who you want to encounter to experience the MAGIC in real life!

Why are there two modes in KOO?

KOO has two modes: Encounter Mode and Nearby Group Chat Mode

Encounter Mode has the most amazing magic which allows users to choose different categories (such as Love, Pal, Career, etc) to encounter who they want to meet and see the magic take its course. It requires no need for any internet connection or data plan whatsoever.

Nearby Group Chat Mode allows users to chat with whoever nearby using Bluetooth or wifi without any need for internet connection or data plan whatsoever. So, this mode is an amazing tool when you are in a specific location and want to connect with people around you and without internet connection.

Is KOO also available in Android?

No, KOO is currently available only for iOS phones and tablets.

Is KOO only available in English?

Yes, KOO is not multilingual yet. However, we have adopted minimalist concept for the design and every function of KOO, so the app is pretty intuitive to use. Even if you speak a language other than English, you can still use KOO without a problem in most cases.

What are the unique features of KOO?

There are many unique features in KOO but the following are truly revolutionary:

- ZERO privacy concern! No registration or any social login is needed! What you do with KOO has absolutely no record.

- No Internet connection whatsoever is needed! Just turn on Bluetooth or Wifi.

- In addition to the amazing Encounter mode where your fate takes its course, you can also chat with people nearby via Nearby Group chat mode

- VIP members can set VIP targeting to encounter who they want to encounter even more precisely!

Working With Our Team

Who are behind KOO?

We are a small group of serial entrepreneurs based in Toronto, Canada.

When it comes to "from small to big", we are firm believers in what Margaret Mead said: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Really love KOO or feel inspired by it and want to work with us?

We are constantly looking for world-level talents to join us. Please feel free to droip us a line!

Want to do a media report on the revolutionary KOO?

Please contact us for any media coverage.